Neuroscience Innovative Technologies SL


Molecular targets of neurodegenerative diseases are well identified and drugs able to clear those targets in vitro have been developed. However, in vivo, drugs do not pass through the Blood-Brain Barrier to get to the Central Nervous System.

We have taken up the challenge of brain drug delivery and we are developing new strategies to make drugs available where they are needed.


Our solutions relies on proprietary drug delivery systems based on  implantable devices able to deliver drugs to the CNS. After minimally-invasive surgery to get the device implanted, percutaneous access allows easy dosing for long term delivery of drugs with superior effectiveness and safety to conventional routes of administration.


We develop both medical devices and pharma compounds that can be used together to ensure a safer and more effective way to treat neurological conditions. 


The core of our solutions are implantable devices for controlled intrathecal delivery of drugs.

We have developed a miniaturized prototype of the device that we are now testing in rodents. Next we will develop a prototype for humans that we will test in large animals before we address clinical experimentation.

Pharmaceutical pipeline

NIT001: our first pharmaceutical product is an anti-abeta drug specifically designed to target soluble abeta as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. This is a proprietary drug fully owned by Neurostech.

Next we will be developing new molecules to target other neurodegenerative diseases.