Neuroscience Innovative Technologies SL

Neuroscience Innovative Technologies SL (Neurostech) is a medtech&pharma company encompassing the development of innovative medical devices and pharma products for neurological conditions.


We are particularly committed to neurodegenerative disorders, a series of prevalent conditions affecting millions of patients worldwide with no curative treatment today.

Our mission is to slow down disease progression and improve the quality of life of patients and families.

We are a group of scientists and management professionals from the biotech / medtech sector
with more than 20 years of experience in either biotech companies or research&innovation centres.

Gabriel Álvarez Menéndez

MSc in Analytical & Biochemistry Sciences. CEO & Co-founder.

Catuxa Prado

PhD Biochemistry. CSO and Co-founder.

Rafael Martínez Permuy

Corporate Development Manager.

Baudilio Zapico Casas

Business Development Director.