Neurostech is a medtech company encompassing the development and production of groundbreaking medical devices to improve the delivery of therapeutics for neurological conditions.
Neurostech is specialized in targeting the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). Our intrathecal precision dosing and biodistribution platform that incorporates deep knowledge of CSF dynamics and bioengineering. The company integrates innovation in neuroscience, precision dosing platforms, and manufacturing capabilities to deliver transformative therapies to patients. This comprehensive approach allows better targeting the pathophysiology of various neurological diseases. 

We are a group of scientists and management professionals from the biotech / medtech sector with more than 30 years of experience in either biotech companies or research&innovation centres.

We aim to slow down disease progression and improve the quality of life of patients and families.


Our mission is to deliver breakthroughs that change patient’s lives.

Design, develop and commercialise innovative solutions that can make a difference in the treatment of neurological diseases, through the deployment of new methods to administer drugs more effectively to the central nervous system (CNS).

We are particularly committed to neurodegenerative disorders, a series of prevalent conditions affecting millions of patients worldwide with no curative treatment today.

Rafael Martínez Permuy

CEO & Co-founder

Gabriel Álvarez Menéndez

PhD Chemistry. COO & Co-founder.

Catuxa Prado

PhD Biochemistry. CSO & Co-founder.

Baudilio Zapico Casas

Business Development Director.

María Rodríguez Cañón

María Rodríguez Cañón

PhD Biomedical Engineer.

Ester Pérez Martín

PhD Neurobiology.

Claudia Roces Llorián